Unlock Your Mind’s Full Potential with Customized Guided Meditations

Are you wanting to create change in your life, your work, or your relationships?  A customized guided meditation can support you with a scientifically-backed pathway to personal and professional growth.

Why Customized Guided Meditations?

At the core of this offering is the understanding that each mind is unique. Recent advancements in neuroscience and neurolinguistics have shown that tailored mental exercises can significantly impact brain plasticity. This means that personalized meditations can effectively target and strengthen specific neural pathways, leading to improved cognitive function, emotional health, and overall wellbeing.

What You’ll Receive

You’ll receive a meditation, created by Iman, personalized just for you. Meditations are approximately 15-20 minutes long. And just like snowflakes…your meditation will be one of a kind. 

Customized meditations also make wonderful gifts. These meditations are also great to purchase for your business, to inspire, motivate and spark your staff’s creativity.

When you select the “Buy Now” button below, you will fill out a form to describe what you are currently working through and what change you are seeking, need centering on, or support and guidance. You will then be prompted to pay for your guided meditation. Each personalized meditation is $125.

Your meditation will then be recorded and emailed to you in an MP3 file in 3-5 days.