The Mind Behind Blooming Minds…

Iman L. Khan, LMHC, LPC

Iman is the founder and owner of Blooming Minds. Iman believes Blooming Minds is not just an organization; it’s a MOVEMENT. This movement promotes self-awareness, compassion, inclusivity, and community. Iman is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with offices in New York and Wisconsin. She excels in teaching Self-Actualization; she is a Mindfulness Specialist, a Brain-Spotting Practitioner, Certified Mediator, Author, and Singer/Performer. Iman has over 29 years of experience working with organizations, schools, individuals, couples, families, and kids in emotional intelligence, performance optimization, trauma, communication, conflict management, conscious leadership, and mindfulness. She is a published author and currently writing a book, working title, “Rebranding Mental Health – How to Be Human Handbook,” to be published in Spring of 2023, which introduces the need for rebranding mental health with new definitions, approaches, and education. Iman teaches all humans need to learn how to love unconditionally, both for themselves and for others.

Urban Art – NYC
Iman singing with The Prince Experience