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Developing Emotional Intelligence

EQ, Emotional intelligence, is popping up everywhere in our feeds. Mostly because research has shown it to be a reliable predictor of an individual’s success, quality of relationships, and overall life satisfaction.

To summarize, EQ is the ability to recognize and acknowledge emotions and feelings in ourselves and others; adjusting to the environment accordingly, positively and productively. Self-awareness is the foundation of all EQ skills. Learning who you are, and how to make all the uniqueness that is YOU, work for you, rather than against you, is the springboard to growth and balance.

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Not Just An Organization, But A Movement

Blooming Minds is on a mission to de-stigmatize and reform mental health. Redesigning the framework from a, “one size, fits all,” disease model, to customized, preventative practices. Providing tools to empower self-awareness, build resilient minds, and practice balance for the mind/body/spirit.

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. New Model for Mental Health
. Customized Tools & Practices



InOffice and Virtual Sessions

Mental Fitness Program Design/Training


Mindfulness Conflict Resolution

Art as Tools

Happy Hour of Brain Power

Urban Meditation

Customized Workshops

Customized Events…


4 Key Steps To A Better You

Building a better you, begins with a choice. You simply choose to invest in yourself or in your team, students, or community. Profound change is possible when self-awareness is cultivated, unhelpful patterns are released, and trauma is dismantled. Through compassionate collaborative design and customized practices, individuals and groups learn to be alive and thrive.


A powerful, neuropsychological tool that can reduce anxiety, eliminate performance blocks, and dismantle trauma, stress and unhelpful thought patterns at the subconscious core, freeing the mind and body.


Customized workshops like Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence skill building, designed as active experiences, to provide you with transferrable skills to achieve personal and professional goals, challenge fears and improve relationships.


Customized, progressive, ground-up programming, like AHIMSA, designed to build and shape culture and define the mind/body/spirit value system of a school, organization or community.

Personal Development

One size does not fit all when it comes to brains. A collaborative, customized process, designed specifically to your uniqueness, rather your diagnosis, for optimized performance and growth.

Iman L Khan

“Human Beings Thrive When They Feel Purposeful.”

Iman is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York and Wisconsin. She is also an Emotional Intelligence Expert, Mindfulness Specialist, Brain-Spotting Practitioner, and Certified Mediator with offices in both Wisconsin and New York. She is also a professional singer/performer, who formerly toured with a local tribute band and continues to perform in the community …

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