“I was a bit skeptical of/apprehensive about brainspotting at first. How could focusing on a set point for an extended period of time, make any difference in healing my trauma? I couldn’t understand… I still don’t understand the science behind it, but I can attest to it’s efficacy. I have done it three times and had what I could only refer to as breakthroughs on two very significant and traumatic experiences that I’ve struggled to resolve through traditional therapies.

Talking is helpful, meds are helpful, but brainspotting has offered me incredibly quick results regarding the reactions I have to, “triggers.” I plan on using it many more times to continue to work on healing. I’m grateful Iman suggested it. It has been so helpful and supportive in this new (to me) healing modality.”

— Sherry

“I experienced numerous suicide attempts by my child and was constantly on high alert. I would listen for sounds to hear if my child was trying to do anything dangerous. I would lay in bed and listen for any sounds in our house that my child was up and moving around fearing danger. I was stressed all the time. I did a session of brain spotting with Iman Khan and ended up feeling less stressed and not being as impacted by the sounds my child would make in our house. I was able to sleep better and generally felt less scared and stressed.

I would strongly recommend brainspotting with Iman Khan to reduce stress for individuals.”

— Melinda