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Iman L Khan

Iman is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York and Wisconsin. She is also an Emotional Intelligence Expert, Mindfulness Specialist, Brain-Spotting Practitioner, and Certified Mediator with offices in both Wisconsin and New York. She is also a professional singer/performer, who formerly toured with a local tribute band and continues to perform in the community.

Iman has over 28 years of experience working with organizations, schools, individuals, couples, families, and kids, in the areas of emotional intelligence, performance optimization, self-awareness, trauma, conflict management, conscious leadership, and mindfulness. She is a published author, contributing a chapter to the book: Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids and Teens; Chapter 14: Mindfulness in Nature. She is a certified trainer & facilitator in leadership development and a mental wellness program designer, providing ground-up customized programming for schools and organizations. Iman is a speaker delivering evidence-based workshops and seminars, both locally and nationally, promoting mental health, resilience, self-awareness and EQ skills for schools, organizations, and communities. She is the creator and facilitator of a series of workshops called “TRAIN YOUR BRAIN” and MASTER YOUR MIND,” for professionals, adults, and children; applying current brain research in learning, EQ, and mindfulness; teaching skills to build emotional resilience, increase self-awareness, improve focus and decision-making skills and strengthen relationships. She also recently created a ground-up mental fitness, trauma-informed, inclusionary program called AHIMSA, which derives its foundation in respect for all beings and no harm to self and others. She is passionate about providing “tools for your tool-box” in building a balanced mind/body/spirit, a positive purpose, and a values-driven life experience.

Personal Statement

I’ve always had a passion for people. From a very young age, I recall being drawn to people and experiences that were different. My parents have told me from as early as three or four years old, I had a desire for inclusion; to help others, especially those that were negatively judged; to make people laugh and feel more comfortable. Some have suggested it was an early indication of my singing and performing passion, others have said of my therapist career. I believe there’s a bit of truth in both of those theories. Through my own personal development work, including mindfulness and meditation, I’ve come to believe it was also my innate gift of recognizing and experiencing emotional energy. I was particularly sensitive to emotional energy yet didn’t come to understand and learn to consciously manage it until much later in life. I spent much of my mid-adolescent years trying to manage other people’s energy in order to deal with my own, which was the exact opposite of what I needed to do. However, as a girl, I was told to smile, be nice, and avoid conflict. Whether told to me directly or indirectly through modeling and insinuation, somewhere I interpreted my role to be the eternal sunshine, editing or ignoring my own emotional guidance system in order to make everyone feel comfortable. This certainly came at a cost, not only to my emotional body, but to my physical one. For the first time in my life, I started to feel bad about myself and some of my choices began to reflect that. I encountered shame, victimization, fear, and doubt. Had it not been for my spirituality, my passion for music and a support system, I could have gone down another path. Therapy was not something I was raised with; the stigmatization was too great.

Fast forward to now, I am committed to the destigmatization of mental health and its reform. To designing and facilitating inclusive, accessible, and innovative resources, that support people in discovering who they are, beyond what they’ve been told to BE or labeled as. There is no one size fits all in the personal development realm. We are all uniquely human. This is my passion; to support, inspire and empower humans to be compassionate, conscious, and connected. This human experience is about connection and we are always stronger together.

Understanding Ones Self

“I spent much of my mid-adolescent years trying to manage other people’s energy in order to deal with my own, which was the exact opposite of what I needed to do.”

Iman L Khan Owner / EQ Einstein

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