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Blooming Minds, is dedicated to changing lives, one mind at time. We believe in empowering people to become curious, nonjudgmental explorers of their minds and their behavior.  We are passionate about teaching people self-awareness tools that allow them to better understand themselves and the habitual patterns that can cause suffering.

We have come to know that words don’t teach, it is experiences.  We believe partnering with people to create experiences; uncomfortable, but exhilarating experiences that enable the brain to expand and learn. Blooming Minds understands the debilitating experience of Fear; it is encoded in our DNA to survive, so Fear feels powerful and all encompassing.  We believe it takes conscious choices to shift the fear based and reactive mentality our world has become and it is done through self-exploration, value clarification and learning to trust the process.

Most of all, our mission is to teach the world how to LOVE and LOVE fully; first themselves, through acceptance and compassion and then each other through healthy detachment and allowing.  And we do we a GIANT sense humor and a collaborative effort; partnering with individuals, groups, schools, and organizations.

So, what does all this “hippie” stuff do for us?  Well, it teaches us to be more productive and focused in our professions, more loving and present in our relationships, more healthy and balanced in mind/body/spirit and more conscious, happy individuals. And insanely wealthy!  Well, ok, we can’t guarantee monetarily, but the possibilities are endless for abundance of all kinds.  This positively impacts our homes, our workplaces, our relationships, our communities, our country and our WORLD.

A revolution is upon us; a revolution where minds bloom and fear subsides.

BIO - Iman Khan

Iman Khan Blooming Minds

Iman is the founder of Blooming Minds and wants you she believes it is more than just an organization, it is a MOVEMENT.  A movement that promotes self-awareness, compassion and acceptance.  One that leads people from labels and habitual patterns, to acceptance and conscious living.

Blooming Minds is different in that it discards many conventional approaches to understanding emotional and psychological health and seeks to understand the individual; providing specialized learning tools that teach people how be wildly happy, personally and professionally successful and a conscious citizen empowered to be their own advocate in business, in personal and in life…

Her education and credentials (yes, we know you want to know) are as follows:

She a Licensed Psychotherapist in the State of Wisconsin and soon in the State of New York.  She is also a Certified Family and Special Education Mediator, Mindfulness Consultant and Brain-Spotting Practitioner with a private practice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Iman has over 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples, families, organizations and educators in the field of learning and development, coaching, leadership and administration. She a published author, contributing to the book: Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids and Teens; authoring Chapter 14: Mindfulness in Nature. She is also a certified trainer & facilitator in Leadership Development, working with professionals and educational organizations, developing skills and structures for solid positive leadership frameworks.

She is a presenter and speaker, delivering evidence based workshops and seminars, both locally and nationally, promoting health and emotional well-being for children and adults. She is creator and facilitator of the series of workshops called “TRAIN YOUR BRAIN” for professionals, adults and children; applying current brain research in the area of learning, emotions, and mindfulness; teaching skills to build emotional resilience, improve focus and decision making skills and strengthen relationships.

She is passionate about providing “tools for your tool box” for building a balanced brain. Her psychotherapy approach incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Brainspotting, Mindfulness practices and interventions drawn from Positive Psychology research.


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